Wedding feast

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion where you celebrate love, unity, and the beginning of a beautiful journey. When planning your wedding, every detail should reflect your values and personal style, including the food you serve. If you’re looking to embrace a plant-based lifestyle or simply want to offer a vegan-friendly experience to your guests, a bespoke vegan menu is the perfect way to create an unforgettable culinary experience that aligns with your beliefs. Let me tell you how you can elevate your wedding day to the next level and blow away your guests with the food!


You should partner with a skilled, creative, confident vegan chef specialising in plant-based cuisine to bring your vision to life. What’s the difference between a vegan chef and a ‘regular’ catering company? Well, let me tell you, it is hard to compare!

Vegan catering chefs prioritise ethical and environmental concerns associated with animal agriculture. By offering plant-based menus, we support a more sustainable and cruelty-free approach to food. Standard catering companies may focus differently on these aspects and provide a broader range of food options, including those not aligned with vegan principles.

Let’s talk about the FLAVOURS! Have you noticed that your pallet has changed since becoming vegan or reducing animal products? All of a sudden, hated olives or fennel taste amazing? You started using more fresh herbs and made them a hero of a dish? Once you stop relying on cooking with meat and making vegetables a sad side dish, a whole new world of culinary opportunities opens up. BUT. To do so, you must love vegetables fully and accept that they are now the showstopper, not the steak. Plant-loving chefs will have the expertise to create a menu that showcases the diverse flavours and textures of vegan ingredients while ensuring a memorable dining experience for your guests.


Nothing goes better with your champagne reception than my signature canapes– the most popular are handmade cream ‘cheese’ with smoked carrot lox, chickpea and artichoke pate with nori and confit tomatoes with parsley pesto.


Wedding feast: Let’s offer various enticing main course options that highlight the versatility of vegan cuisine. Think beyond traditional dishes and embrace creative combinations of flavours and textures. Your wedding day perfectly translates your love for our planet and animals onto the wedding table. Think abundant feast, designed with a theme in mind…The Middle East full of zesty salads, smoked aubergine dips, creamy hummus, fragrant cous cous, and chargrilled vegetables. Or maybe Mediatrean, filled with creative pasta salads, fresh seasonal vegetable salads, flavoured beans and lentils, bread, olives, dips and aromatic oils.


Desserts are becoming less and less popular with couples these days, as a giant wedding cake is more than enough to sweeten up your guests. However, mini bite-size cakes served after the feast are a great way to finish the wedding breakfast without feeling too heavy. Choose from traditional coffee&walnut or lemon&poppy seed or be adventurous with pistachio& cardamom or rose& almond…Or…let us make you a selection!

It’s all about the first impressions

You want your guests to enter the room and say: WOW! Let’s take your guests on the most abundant, delicious and beautiful culinary journey, so they will never forget your big day!

Let’s pay attention to your vegan menu’s styling! I say NO self-service buffets. After all, we want your big day to look different from another lunch in all-you-can-eat Chinese! I pride myself on exceptional presentation; each dish is beautifully plated, highlighting the vibrant colours and textures of the ingredients. Thoughtfully created platters will become a decoration, and you won’t need expensive centrepieces to fill the empty spaces!

Crafting a bespoke vegan menu for your wedding is a beautiful way to showcase your values while treating your guests to an extraordinary culinary adventure. By collaborating with a skilled vegan chef and choosing a variety of delicious dishes, you can create an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the beauty and flavour of plant-based cuisine. Embrace the opportunity to inspire and delight your guests with a bespoke vegan menu reflecting your love for each other and the world around you.

Spark the conversation

Sharing a feast is the best way for the guests to interact, chat and talk about their culinary experiences! Imagine a big table full of beautiful platters with food, people passing each other dishes and sharing their thoughts…’Is that vegan?’

‘ I can’t believe it tastes so well.’

‘Surely someone is tricking us; this chicken Caesar salad tastes better than a meat one…’

And just like that, with ease and lightness, we have fed people with love for plants, the planets and animals; we inspired and surprised them. Your passion, expressed through food and laid out on the table, filled the hearts of your guests. Let’s cook your love story!