What? Vegan wedding buffet? But what would my guest say? Trust me, they will say HELL YES! As long as the food is vibrant, delicious, exciting and beautiful of course! No one will miss the meat, because no one will even remember that it exists! Everyone will be staring at plant-based creations with awe!

smoked carrot cream cheese canape
smoked carrots, handmade cream cheese, nori dust canape

Why vegan wedding buffet? Because you may not want to compromise on your values during your big day, because your values are who you are, and why should you drop them? People love you for who you are, not for what you will be serving them at YOUR wedding, so no need to please everybody with a hog roast. Especially when food can be mind-blowing and people will be talking about it for days!

I say big, fat NO to boring, predictable vegan food. In fact, I am so tired of the same options everywhere I go. I get this, most classic trained chefs were told that veg are the garnish and background to the meat, hence no exciting options in the pubs. We have to smile when pasta or very average curry arrives in front of us, and I say NO MORE! No more events, corporate gatherings where my only option is bland hummus, carrot sticks or coleslaw, as someone forgot that mayo is not vegan!

vegan roast beef
vegan roast beef, beetroot puree, horseradish mash

So, I am bringing you a revolutionary vegan wedding buffet, a feast for the eyes and stomach! From a huge selection of canapes to sharing platters, finger food and hot options, you can be sure no one will leave hungry! Would you like to showcase the vibrancy and versatility of vegetables? or perhaps trick your guests to think that they eat meat? Examples? Of course, let’s look below!

  • handmade cultured cream cheese, smoked carrots, dill oil
  • walnut pate, pickled shitake, porcini dust
  • unique sushi bar
  • Bahn me style mini sandwiches
  • bao with marinated homemade ‘beef’ and pickles
  • handmade ‘chicken’ Caesar boats
  • abundant seasonal salad bowls
  • cold cuts- handmade ‘meat’ boards charcuterie style (click here to see me in the action of making the best pastrami ever!)
  • spreads, bread, and dips to compliment the table and satisfy grazers
vegan sharing table