Vegan Wedding Catering UK

Looking for the best vegan wedding catering in the UK? At Vegan Magda, our customised approach to vegan wedding food will revolutionise everything you thought about vegan food—no more boring, bland and old-fashioned dishes. Vegan Magda has a talent for making vegetables stand out and will turn a humble cabbage into a spectacular main course that will scream: ‘Eat me’!

Planning a vegan wedding is bold! Let me help you…

vegan wedding catering uk


  • Tired of the same old average-tasting dishes?
  • Worried about your guests not enjoying the food?
  • Torn between sharing plates and plated dishes?
  • Not sure about canapes or desserts?
  • Not sure where to start?

best vegan wedding caterers uk

Celebrate your day and your values

best vegan wedding catering uk

Don't settle for boring menus

vegan wedding caterers united kingdom

WOW your most apprehensive guests

Initial Chat

We will have a chat to get to know more about YOUR day. From a relaxed, boho, sharing plates style to elegant plated meals, I can design a menu that matches your special day's character! Tell me all about your favourite food and special places and I will cook your memories.

Your Bespoke Menu

I will create your bespoke and unique menu based on your requirements. Let's put an end to bland, boring, off-the-shelf dishes. I take immense pride in making vegetables heroes, matching them with exciting spices and herbs to create the extraordinary dishes you deserve. And if you like a bit of mock meat- I make them all myself too! I love seasonal cooking and celebrating what nature got to offer. Let me design sample menus especially for you,

Tasting session

You are invited to a complimentary tasting session of your menu. Let's meet, eat and talk more about your wedding day. I will answer all your questions and address any fears you may have.

Final Quote

After the tasting and getting to you I will then send you a formal quote with everything we have discussed.

Your Special Day

Now it's down to me, sit back and enjoy your wedding while I take care of the food.

Hear Why We Are One of the Best Vegan Wedding Caterers in the UK

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Vegan Wedding Menus

Your vegan wedding menu will be surprising, delicious, and exciting, and, most importantly, abundant. You don’t have to worry about your guests being hungry and grumpy! Magda specialises in beautiful, seasonal and vibrant creations that will impress all your guests, including most apprehensive omnivores.

*Please note, this is a very small selection of what I offer. Your menu will be bespoke and tailored to your needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared About Having Vegan Wedding Catering

I get that hiring a vegan wedding caterer is a big decision, and you may be apprehensive about it. There is a lot of pressure around planning the wedding, meeting the expectations of the families and friends and aligning these with your values. There is a lot of judgement about being vegan already, and adding this to your special day just doesn’t seem right. So, how do you combine pleasing others WITHOUT sacrificing what you both believe in?

It is simple: let me cook for you.

Vegan Magda wedding catering can design a menu that is both surprising and exciting yet provides elements of familiarity. The most common worry I hear about all the time is whether there will be enough food. Hungry guests are my worst nightmare and trust me, there will be more than just a salad and scoop of pasta. I can understand that you may be worried about guests not loving the food and sneaking sausages under the table; let me say that at each wedding I cooked for, there were only a handful of vegans, and every time, all the plates came back empty.

Frequently asked questions about catering for vegan weddings


What does vegan wedding food include?

Vegan Magda can offer sharing family-style dining or plated service, from abundant salads and hearty vegetable dishes to handmade cheeses, vegan charcuterie boards, pates, spreads and nibbles.


Can you accommodate specific dietary requirements?

Yes, I can cater for any allergies, including a gluten-free diet.


Can you provide a custom menu for my event?

Yes, absolutely, this is what Vegan Magda specialises in; each menu is fully tailored to individual couples to match the style of the wedding.


How to have a vegan wedding?

Vegan weddings are the perfect occasion to showcase all the values and ethos that are part of a vegan lifestyle- sustainability, consideration towards the environment, animals and caring for future generations. Food is a perfect platform to celebrate all those aspects by offering seasonal, local and interesting vegan dishes.


How much does vegan wedding catering cost per head UK?

Each quote is very individual and depends on the final choices, number of guests, venue facilities, however, as a very rough guide, vegan wedding catering prices start at £30 per person.


Can you recommend any vegan wedding venues?

Yes, absolutely; here are some of the vegan-friendly venues I can recommend

  • Weddings in the Wood, New Forest, Hampshire
  • Marshwood Manor, Bridport, Dorset
  • Elessar Events, Yurt Village, Chichester, Sussex
  • Middle Coombe Farm, Devon
  • Coed Weddings, Cardiff, Wales