Vegan Wedding Menus

vegan wedding menu ideas

Check out our sample menus for vegan wedding food ideas

Your vegan wedding menu will be surprising, delicious, and exciting and most importantly, abundant. You don’t have to worry about your guests being hungry and grumpy! Magda specialises in beautiful, seasonal and vibrant creations that will impress all your guests, including most apprehensive omnivores.

Favourite Vegan Wedding Dishes

Your vegan wedding menu will be bespoke and tailored to your needs. Below I have highlighted some favourite dishes and sample menus to show a small sample of what I offer.  

Vegan Wedding Canapés

  • Artichokes, capers, preserved lemon
  • Smoked carrot lox, cream cheese, dill
  • Walnut pate, pickled shitake
  • ‘Chicken Caesar’ mini cup
  • Roasted potato, ‘beef’, horseradish
  • Confit tomato, pesto, mozzarella
  • Goat’s cheese, beetroot jelly, beetroot cream
  • Caponata, herbs, lemon crumbs

Vegan Wedding Starters

  • Smoked pumpkin seeds & beans hummus
  • Parsley& toasted sunflower seeds pesto
  • Roasted red peppers & walnuts spread
  • Roasted garlic aioli
  • Selection of artisan cheeses
  • Selection of sourdough
  • Heritage tomatoes & micro herbs salad
  • Roasted heritage carrots, rainbow beetroot, pickled carrots, walnut pesto
  • Mini ‘fishcakes’, mango & edamame salad
  • Miso glazed aubergine rolls, smoked aubergine cream, crispy rice nori wafer


Vegan Wedding Main Course / Entrees

  • Tomatoes & caramelised onions tart tatin
  • Roasted sweet potatoes & satay
  • Gherkin, capers, dill potato salad
  • Giant cous cous, herb pesto, seasonal garden vegetables
  • Chargrilled corn, chilli, coriander, orecchiette pasta salad
  • Creamy mushroom and tarragon tarts
  • Butter ‘chicken’ curry, crispy pouri, pickled onion salad
  • Chargrilled gochujang pineapple, laksa-style
  • gravy, rice noodle nest

Vegan Wedding Desserts

  • Mini brownie truffles
  • Lemon meringue pies
  • Almond and pear Bakewell
  • Mini raspberry custard doughnuts
  • Cherry Battenburg
  • Chocolate torte
  • Coffee & walnut squares
  • Pistachio & cardamom cake
  • Dark chocolate mousse, cherries, honeycomb

Why We Offer Sample Tasting of Your Vegan Wedding Menu

We pride ourselves in offering wedding tasting sessions. It is a great opportunity not only to taste the food and make your choices but also to meet Magda, your head chef and menu designer, in her cosy kitchen, where all the plant magic happens. Magda believes that food can tell a story, carry emotions, show personality and reflect the character of the wedding. Magda loves meeting couples and learning more about their favourite food, places they like to dine and destinations they love to travel. This provides such a fantastic ground to design very unique proposition. All the vegan wedding menus are fully personalised and created for each couple, and you can taste at least six to seven dishes during the session. Moreover, Magda will set up a table with real-size platters, bowls, and condiments to give you a clear idea of your wedding table. Magda’s intention is for you to go ‘WOW’, just as your guests at your wedding will.  We pride ourselves in this as most of the caterers will offer you sample-size bites without giving you a choice of what to taste.

Vegan Wedding Menu Ideas

*Please note, this is a very small selection of what I offer. Your menu will be bespoke and tailored to your needs.

FAQs about Vegan Wedding Menus


What does vegan wedding food include?

Vegan Magda can offer sharing family-style dining or plated service, from abundant salads and hearty vegetable dishes to handmade cheeses, vegan charcuterie boards, pates, spreads and nibbles.


Can you accommodate specific dietary requirements?

Yes, I can cater for all allergies, including gluten gluten-free diet.


Can you provide a custom vegan menu for my wedding?

Absolutely, this is what we pride ourselves on. Magda believes that no two events are the same, and creates bespoke vegan wedding menus.

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