Crafting a Vegan Wedding Feast – A Case Study

Weddings are a celebration of love, unity, and shared values. Vegan weddings have recently gained immense popularity as couples embrace various lifestyles and dietary choices. Planning a vegan wedding not only aligns with ethical considerations but also presents an opportunity to create a unique culinary experience. In this blog case study, I’ll tell you the story of Vaida and Scott, a couple who opted for a vegan wedding, and I was privileged to cook on their special day.

When we first met, they were a bit anxious and nervous, as the previously arranged and booked caterer turned out to be a con artist. Vaida and Scott wanted to avoid risking a wedding with food, so they contacted me to explore other options.

I understood how stressful it must feel to arrange a new caterer only a few months before the wedding, but most importantly, it was all about the TRUST. How do you build this up again with the couple that has been let down and is now very cautious about hiring anybody?

We chatted over the phone, and I explained how I work first. I asked many questions and listened to their worries and suggestions. It was about the couple, not me. After we finished chatting, I wasn’t rushing with any deposit invoices, nagging emails or deadlines to book me. Instead, I invited Vaida and Scott for a tasting dinner at my home, no obligation, as always. My priority was to make them feel safe and confident about their decisions.

I prepared a lot of food, there was wine, and just like that, within minutes, we became friends. Scott embraced all the Eatsern flavours, as Vaida is from Lithuania, so I prepared a few fusion dishes with some unique textures and ingredients. We laughed, we chatted, and by the end of the evening, it was apparent that catering for a wedding was much more than just food. It is all about the connection, a story, and memories, linking two people’s history through food.

Vaida and Scott were passionate advocates for animal welfare, healthy lifestyle and sustainable living. When planning their wedding, they were determined to infuse their core values into every aspect of the event. From the decorations to the menu, they aimed to create a memorable experience showcasing vegan cuisine’s beauty.

The couple envisioned a wedding that would dazzle their guests with delectable flavours, vibrant colours, and creative presentations while remaining true to their vegan beliefs. Moreover, we had two very different cultures and styles of wedding to combine, so we had to devise an idea of how to fuse both cohesively.

Feast was designing a menu that would satisfy diverse palates and leave a lasting impression. Vaida and Scott disproved the misconception that vegan food is limited or lacks flavour. The menu had to be inventive, visually appealing, and showcase plant-based ingredients’ abundance of options.

We worked closely together, and the couple was keen on a diverse menu featuring innovative dishes and vegan versions of classic favourites. Instead of traditional canape reception, I prepared a selection of local sourdough, pate and spreads, pickles and marinated vegetables. We served everything on rustic wooden boards that perfectly matched the venue and the style of decorations.

The couple wanted the main course to celebrate seasonal produce and global flavours and be a fusion between Lithuanian and British traditions.

We served handmade dumplings filled with handpicked wild mushrooms, over a miso and porcini broth, with roasted Winter vegetables. The Main was a play on traditional English roast. We had creamy horseradish mashed potatoes, handmade ‘beef’ steak, maple glazed vegetables and rich miso gravy.

Creating a memorable experience for their guests was paramount to Vaida and Scott. They recognized that some of their guests might have been unfamiliar with vegan cuisine, so we designed the menu to be approachable and full of familiar flavours. Food became the main talking point as it was twining both cultures together. You could hear different languages and music and watch different dancing, but one thing needn’t be translated: LOVE.

For the evening feast, we served a selection of cold bites, handmade flatbreads, salads, and vegan sausage rolls, and we laid them out beautifully in the courtyard, where a huge fire pit was lighting up the space. This was a perfect way of serving the evening food; guests could come up any time they felt a bit peckish, help themselves, and come back if they felt like that! The Spirit of a relaxed atmosphere was so important for Vaida and Scott.

I left happy, and my heart was filled with joy after receiving so many beautiful comments. I couldn’t wait to return in the morning to serve brunch to the overnight guests. It was so special to see the bride and the groom in the morning, so happy and surrounded by the closest family. We had traditional vegetable broth served with thin noodles, herbs, and a vast sandwich bar that included handmade coronation ‘chicken’ filler and ‘egg’ mayo. Even the most conservative meat eaters thought I was tricking them.

The sun was shining. It was probably the hottest  November day, and it will always stay with me. Instead of driving straight home, I stopped by in West Bay, watching the ocean and soaking up the rays, so happy I could be part of Vaida and Scott’s happiest day.