Be the guest at your own wedding

I’ve seen it all: stressed brides, running around grooms, wedding planners frantically holding onto their Excel spreadsheets with timings. The details so carefully discussed and arranged a few months ago are now becoming so insignificant. My advice number one to all the couples that come for a wedding tasting session:

Be the guest at your own wedding.

Now, recall a few good weddings or parties/events you have been to recently. And the one that you may want to forget… What were the best parts? How did it make you feel? Close your eyes and feel the feels. Was it the best playlist? Relaxed atmosphere? People laughing, joking and chatting freely? Or was it the colour and shape of the plates? Was it a particular type of flower, linen or chair cover…probably not.

Now, think about this wedding that wasn’t so memorable. Why was it?

And, of course, think FOOD. How was it? Was it telling the story? Did it reflect the bride’s and groom’s personalities? One of the best compliments I ever got from a wedding guest was this:

‘ It felt like being in their house on a casual Saturday evening, and we always share food with Kat and Will. The house is full of people and laughter. We pass the platters and eat all night. Their wedding felt exactly like that.’

FOOD on your special day should FEEL just like that. Yes, food makes us feel; if it doesn’t, something is wrong. Take yourself back on your best holidays, events, retreat, party…start recalling the food. Do you smile inside thinking of it? Does it make you fuzzy and warm, or perhaps it brings up bad memories? See? Whatever they are, good or bad, food brings intense emotions. And they stay in our memory for a very long time, want it or not.

So, let’s go back again. Be the guest on your big day. What will truly matter? What will the guests take with them forever? And what will be eternally forgotten?

When planning your big day, close your eyes and take yourself to your venue; imagine it filled with loving and happy people, cheering, raising glasses and celebrating your love over the food. Is there anything more important than that?

So here are my top five things you can easily stop stressing about when planning your day…

  • Huge flower decorations for the tables- with all the food, glasses, plates, wine bottles, name tags… they will get pushed and eventually end up on the floor!
  • Worrying over a tight schedule- it is almost guaranteed that things will get delayed, and that’s totally fine- as long as you are having a great time
  • Gigantic wedding cake- I know this one is controversial, but trust me…I get asked to cut the cake, which mostly ends up in the bin…And I only cut the smallest tier! As beautiful as they are, no one can eat this sugar bomb! Instead, go for mini canape-size desserts, casually served over tea and coffee.
  • Not enough food- at least when choosing Vegan Magda for your event. We’ve all been to weddings where there was either insufficient food or it was pretty bad (especially vegan options). Fear not, tables will overflow with abundant and vibrant platters, and I will help you with your wedding schedule and serving times to ensure enough breaks between meals.
  • Weather! Yes, I said it. No matter how well you prepare, bad weather can always surprise you, so the best way to get ready is to embrace it on a day. That is the ONLY thing entirely beyond your control. So don’t lose sleep over it for the next year to come. If everything else works, the rain will become invisible.